Land Acknowledgement

It is our honor and responsibility to acknowledge to all who meet with us today that we gather on land that is sacred to all indigenous people who came before us in this vast crossroad for the Utes, Goshutes, Paiutes, Shoshone, Navajo and Hopi peoples and their ancestors. It has been their stewardship for time immemorial to care for this land and all of its inhabitants, both two-and-four-legged, winged and water-bound. We honor their memory, their physical presence in our state today, their ancestor’s presence here in spirit, and we do so in our reverence for their resilience in preserving their connections to the Creator. We Honor the People, We Honor the Land. 

Thank you to Dustin Jansen and Utah Valley University for allowing us to use this land acknowledgment.

What is a land acknowledgement?


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