About Us

MissionWe inspire, engage and unify the community through the arts. Discover yourself in art!

HistoryThe Holladay Arts Council was formed in 2004 by a dedicated group of volunteers and now operates as part of the City of Holladay under the direction of the city's Arts & Culture Manager. The Council is charged with carrying out the city’s master plan goal of expanding and promoting arts opportunities for Holladay residents and the surrounding communities.

PurposeWe design all of our programs to facilitate our core values:

  • inspire
  • engage
  • unify
  • appreciate
We serve diverse groups of children, students, seniors, artists, non-artists, business owners, and families in Holladay and surrounding areas. We diversify our arts offerings to include theater, music, visual art, and dance in order to engage the largest number of people in a participatory art experience. While we recognize that many residents enjoy a passive art experience (appreciation), we have worked hard to increase opportunities for direct participation (engage and inspire) with the overall goal of unifying our community through art.

StructureThe Council has 11 voting members, in addition to up to 4 ex-officio members, who are formally interviewed and appointed by the city manager with the advice and consent of the City Council. Arts council members have staggered 3-year terms, with the option of a 3-year renewal. There is also a liaison from the City Council who is an ex-officio member of the Arts Council.

All Arts Council members volunteer their time to plan and carry out events during the year. Arts Council members also regularly solicit help from friends, family, and community members to distribute the workload and to involve more residents in arts activities. The Arts & Culture Manager, as a city staff member, is responsible for providing guidance to the Arts Council, supporting its activities and events, grant-writing, and assisting with fundraising. The manager is an ex-officio member of the Arts Council. Learn more about joining the Holladay Arts Council.


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