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The Stone Cutter

Holladay City Hall Big Cottonwood Room
4580 South 2300 East, Holladay, UT


THE STONECUTTER is the story of a man who works diligently each day, cutting stone from a mountain. The stone is used to build the great temples and palaces of Japan.   One day, the stonecutter witnesses a prince passing by, preceded by a soldier and followed by musicians and dancers.   The stonecutter stops working and wishes to be a prince, so that he too might enjoy wealth and power. The spirit hears the stonecutter’s wish and obliges him.   Soon, the stonecutter wishes to be the sun, which he decides is much more powerful than a prince. The stonecutter shows his power as the sun in ways harmful to the people of the land.   He then wishes to be the clouds, and then a mountain. Each time the stonecutter wishes for more power.   The end of the story finds the stonecutter as a mountain, with the sound of a lowly stonecutter chipping away at the foot of the mountain. More is not always better. 

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In  this free workshop series participants will explore the art form of  theatre as they learn how to use their bodies, voices and imaginations  to bring a piece of literature to life on stage.