Artist Rachel Nelson captures Utah’s seasons in floral and landscape paintings

By Collette Hayes

Artist Rachel Nelson strives for an overall painting composition that combines the detailed light and color techniques of realism with the feel of movement through pure, unblended colors and loose brush strokes of Impressionism, providing the viewer with a visual and thought-provoking experience of contentment.

Primarily a botanical and landscape artist, Rachel Nelson was selected by the Holladay Arts Council as Holladay Artist of the Month for her talent in capturing the nuances of Utah’s changing seasons in her floral and landscape paintings. The springtime fine sheen of butterfly ranunculus petals and the delicate haze of tint on summer peonies can be found in many of Nelson’s oil paintings.

“I love the changing seasons of Utah,” Nelson said. “You can paint spring magnolia blossoms in town and then minutes away, be in the mountains painting a snowy slope.”

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