Artist Statement

In my art I explore the presence of the digital age and it’s ongoing impact on the fabric

of our contemporary lifestyle. My work connects with spiritualism, environmentalism

and the ever expanding realm of technology. I establish familiar visual cues regarding

time and place and arrange them into densely textured representations.

Often times themes are combined of man-made structures set against natural world

imagery, that are often embellished with symbolic details. The juxtaposition of past,

present and future establishes a dream-like quality and suggests an other worldly

realm out of time.

I start the process with a sketch and then work in the computer with my photography

for digital colleges and on my work bench for assemblage pieces. Although it may not

be always readily apparent, each series is linked by recurring social concerns. The

subject matter of each piece determines the colors, makeup, objects and images used

to create it.

Each series often consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and

meanings. I consistently research varied topics creating new areas of interest from

which arises the next body of work.