Crossing Paths 2019

 Jim  McGee returns again this year with his second collaboration of  art and  storytelling featuring fascinating residents of Holladay.  


"As  human beings we all desire to be seen and heard. We cross paths with  countless people each day but seldom take the time to really look at  them, to listen to their stories.

My exhibition, "Crossing Paths 2019,"  attempts to investigate and celebrate these chance encounters with the  folks I see in my community every day -- to really see them and listen  to their stories, then translate that experience into portrait  paintings. Although the portraits and stories are varied, they all share  the same experience of being human."

In  addition to the acrylic/oil paintings created by Jim, the collaborators  have submitted personal stories to accompany their portraits.

Collaborators include: Tosh, Eliza, Cambriah, Arlen, Kem, Paullo, Jim, Jackie, and Ben.

Crossing Paths 2019

Holladay City Hall

July 2019

Opening Reception

July, 10, 5-7 pm