2019 holladay reflections in dance

Monday, April 8th 7:00 PM Olympus Jr. High School


Westminister College

Dance Department

“How wonderful it is to have eleven strong dance education/performing

groups coming together to present one unied concert of lovely dance

performance honoring our community! Usually the public and private

schools and studios have not worked hand-in-hand on anything and

have felt a bit of angst trying to work around each others’ performance

schedules. I am hoping this concert will begin to bridge the communication

gap between these two ne entities and that the community will

understand what each has to oer.” – Ginger Gunn, Producer/Director

Participating Studios

• Olympus High

• Skyline High

• Churchill Jr High

• Olympus Jr High

• Wasatch Jr High

• Dance Arts Theatre of Utah

• Elite Dance Studio

• Silhouette Dance

• The Dance Box

• The Winner School

Guest Performance:

Westminister College