Kathy Murphy Historic Holladay Invitational

In collaboration with the Holladay Historical Commission, The Arts Council announces The Kathy Murphy Historic Holladay Invitational. Named in honor of the late Kathy Murphy, who dedicated her time and talents toKathy Murphy Invitational supporting Holladay’s art and history, the exhibit will feature the work of talented professional artists tasked with capturing the essence of Holladay’s historic buildings through live painting sessions (or from carefully selected photographs). The resulting paintings will be showcased on the evening of Monday, May 13 at 6:30 PM, at Holladay City Hall (4580 S. 2300 E.). The Holladay Historical Commission's Speaker Series on The Grand Estates of Holladay will follow at 7 PM.

The paintings will be displayed and offered for sale at Relics Gallery (4685 S Holladay Blvd, Holladay, Utah) from May 14 - June 1.
In Spring Lane Bonnie Posselli copy
George Boyes House Steve Stauffer
Harold Burton Ann Marie Oborn
Chessman Ilene Stowe
Leslies Bakery Stauffer copy
Roots Tricia Cook
Yellow Farm House, Barbara Kidd
Harold W and Evelyn Burton,  Stauffer
Church-School Corner, Beckie Rock copy
Japanese Inspired House Sandy Williams 2
Bolinger Home Steve Stauffer 2
Santa Anna Casto Susan Gallacher copy
Days Gone By Beckie Rock
4653 Hugo Ave Sandy Williams - Copy
The Cotton Bottom Olga Hegner
Fenno Casto copy
Clark Home Shawn Morgan b1910
Santa Ana Casto Farm Wilna Holt
Franklin and Alwelda Brinton Home Sheri Sohm
William and Annie Livingston Mary Pusey
Burton House Jan Perkins
Burbidge Home Stauffer
Burton Lumber Anne Marie Oborn
David Brinton Home Steve Stauffer 1860-69 copy
Albert Quist Beckie Rock 1908 copy
Hintze60 copy
Holladay Schoolhouse Barbara Kidd copy
Honeymoon House Joan Ellsworth copy
Ross Hame copy
Tiny Honeymoon House Joan Ellsworth copy
Burton's Lumber Sign Ilene Stowe copy
Love Family Cabin Jack Vigos copy
Joseph Boyes Andrus House copy
William J Bowthorpe House Becky Hartvigsen copy
Santa Ana Casto House Debra Russell copy


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