Fine Art Show

Jamie Kyle Lady in Cactai copy

Jamie Kyle,  Lady in the Cactai, 1st Place Photography/Digital Media

Experience the brilliance of artistic talent at the Holladay Arts Fine Art Show—a juried exhibit held at Holladay City Hall. Open to students, amateurs, and professionals alike, this weeklong showcase celebrates artistic excellence in our community.

Cash prizes await the most outstanding entries. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of artistry and creativity. Join us at the Holladay Arts Fine Art Show and witness the magic of our local talent firsthand.

The 2024 Fine Art Show was March 16-23. Entries for the Fine Art Show are typically accepted in January. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in staying updated.

2024 Fine Art Show Winners
Elizabeth Walsh Zion, 1st Place Professional Acrylic
Sarah Maynard White Wolf
Justin Wheatley, The Bulls Head, 3rd Place Professional Acyrilic
Clinton Whiting, Lume, Professional Acrylic Honorable Mention
Cara Jean Hall Dark Thistle
Ron Christensen Cameleon
Nancy Larsen Blue Leopard
Christopher Johnson Bryce Canyon
Robert Wright Stearman PT17
Michelle Nixon it_is_not_more_difficult_to_walk_in_the_rain
Brekke Sjoblom Lake Blanche III
Nicole Keaton Pumpkin Curlz
Jade Mendoza View From Antelope Island no3
George Lambson Refraction Princess
Richard Engar Hermit Trail
Rose Koskimaki Red Rock Winter
Nick Rees Overpass
Kristy Hawkes First Mornings Light
Melissa Shaughnessy Roses
Charlotte Mortimer Guild Master
Bailey Carter Pelican at Night
Thomas Embley Islay Trio
Christina Stanley In the Shop
Alexander Braginsky Upper Mineral Fork
Barbara Murphy Earthquake Detector
Valerie Hollstein Winter Colors
Rebecca Klundt two ships
Nuha Moretz spellbound
Jamie Kyle Lady in Cactai
Richard Pick Wahweep_Hoodoos
Keith Hill Tranquility by Starlight
Anna Pottier Serenity_Los Luceros NM
Natalia Wilkins-Tyler Northern Pygmy Owl
Tamia Wrdle Mountain Trail
Franchesca Henicke Standard
Rob Chipman_Taos Pueblo
Erin Grimshaw Rhrythm of the City
Joseph Peterson Wiggle the Chained Heart
Mirya Stanley Bandit
IMG_8474 - Copy
Attila Kolonusz-Partee Zeppelin2
Kaya Julander Afternoon Snack
Elli Harris Perched
Vivian Taggart Sea Breeze


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