Concerts are held on the Commons, behind the Holladay City oFFices. Bands are subject to change. • Times to be announced.


Holladay Journal Article

Strawberry Field Forever...on The Holladay Commons

By Sona Schmidt-Harris |

Holladay Journal September 2019

Beatles fans of the ’60s saw themselves as cutting-edge and  rebellious. They would be surprised that in 2019 their beloved, iconic  music would be played to a family-friendly crowd. The group Strawberry  Fields performed familiar Beatles tunes to an audience gathered at the  Holladay Commons on Saturday, Aug. 3. People of all ages tapped their  feet, sang and danced.

There was a somber note at the beginning of the evening, however.  City Councilman Steven Gunn requested that the audience pause for 10  seconds of silence for the victims of the El Paso shooting. The tragedy  occurred earlier that same day. Except for the murmur from small  children, the Commons were quiet.

The mood of the evening brightened when it was announced that the  City of Holladay turns 20 in September. In celebration, free Frisbees  were given away. READ MORE