Tiny Portraits, Big Connections

Chris Haggqvist

 "Tiny Portraits, Big Connections is a work of community. I created one 4"x4" portrait every day for 100  days straight. My intention was to create some connection between my art  and the subjects; to create a community of people who may not be  related in normal life, but by having their portraits drawn, they become  part of a voluntary community.

I  hoped to create a new sense of belonging, and I do know in fact that  some of the participants met one another through the project. I'm glad  to present the portraits together as they are meant to be shown: to  display both the individuals and the collective community they have  become."

-Chris Haggqvist



Tiny Portraits, Big Connections’ exhibit opens at City Hall

By Sona Schmidt-Harris

Holladay Journal August 2019

Artist Chris Haggqvist’s exhibit “Tiny Portraits, Big Connections”  opened Aug. 1 at City Hall.  Among the attendees were Haggqvist’s two  enthusiastic daughters, Elsa (age 7) and Svea (age 2). Oh yes, and the  mayor was present.

Elsa said she liked her father’s exhibit “because it’s someone I  know. I like that they look different, except they look like them.”  Quite perceptive of an exhibit that featured 100 tiny portraits painted  in 100 days.



 HOLLADAY ARTS invites you to the opening of Tiny Portraits, Big Connections, a visual art exhibit of 100 friends and acquaintances of artist Chris Haggqvist. The opening reception will be held in the entryway of City Hall on Thursday, August 1st, 5-7 pm.

Exhibit dates: August 1 - 30; Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.