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Sheryl Gillilan

Executive Director

Sheryl was  hired in July 2017 as the Holladay Arts Council executive director and  is excited to work with enthusiastic council members.  She believes  there is much potential for offering diverse arts opportunities for  residents and visitors, including the summer concert series, Blue Moon  Festival, and the fine art show. Prior to this position, Sheryl worked  for 12 years at Art Access, the last five as the executive director.      


All of the arts are important to Sheryl, and she has been a  life-long enthusiast. She believes that storytelling through art is a  powerful way to connect people of diverse backgrounds,  and that sharing art makes it a joy to be human. She is an  award-winning quilt artist and runs a quilting and sewing business. She  is also an avid reader, knitter, and traveler.      

Sheryl grew up in  Salt Lake City, went to college and graduate school in Oregon and  Pennsylvania, then returned home in 1985, where she has lived happily  thereafter. She shares her life with her daughter, son, dog, cat, fish,  and many friends.  


Kathy Murphy


Kathy  joined the Arts Council to help promote art in our community, to become  a voice “within a choir” for the arts. She believes that it’s our  calling to promote arts awareness and advocate its value. The essence of  art is how we become ourselves.  It has nothing to do with skill.  It’s  the true nature of experimentation without boundaries – trying out  something and not worrying about being right or wrong. Kathy is a  grandmother to her amazing 4 yr old granddaughter Andrea Sophia,  and is also a Potter, and Master Gardener.  She has lived and worked  many years in both northern and southern California as well as Tucson,  AZ. Kathy lives in Holladay with her husband Larry and three of her best  friends-- dogs Molly, Madde and Sam.


Natalie Bradley

Vice Chair

 A lifelong  resident of the Salt Lake Valley, Natalie Bradley moved to Holladay in  2013. Natalie is a former English teacher with a Shakespeare obsession  and is actively working through her life’s goal to see every Shakespeare  play performed. She has a love for the performing arts and enjoys  watching artists share their talents. In addition to her career in  education, she has worked in marketing, public relations, sales, and  children’s theater. As an educator and parent, she is a strong believer  that children should have access to and participate in the arts. Natalie  and her husband are raising five children ranging from teenagers to  toddlers and a rambunctious dog. 


Sheri Sohm


Sheri Lyn Sohm is a life-long resident of Holladay. She was an Olympus High Titan, and studied education and art at the U of U. Sheri’s career as a Gifted-Ed. teacher in Salt Lake School District, provided opportunities to teach students how to make a difference in their community. Over the years, her “kids" saved Hidden Hollow Nature Park in Sugar House,  and brought attention to the lowly Sego Lily. Sheri loves painting,  drawing and art history. She enjoys taking classes, and sharing time  with friends, family and her therapy dog, Buddy. Sheri is amazed at the  broad array of local talent and is excited to be a member of the  Holladay Arts Council. ve that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are. 


Ginger Gunn

At Large

Growing up in  Millcreek, Ginger Gunn, graduated from Granite High School and the University of  Utah. She served as a high school and junior high school teacher of  dance and U.S. History for students designated as “gifted” in Granite  District for over 20 years.  During that time she choreographed and  staged dozens of musicals and concerts.  She received national and local  awards for teaching excellence.   Ginger also owned and operated  her own dance studio for over 25 years where she gained experience in  the public and private arts arenas.  Ginger’s grandfather  established the first dancing schools in Utah, beginning in 1918.  She  grew up watching him and her aunt develop a legacy of dance within the  Salt Lake area, which she now hopes to promote in the Holladay  community.  Following her recent retirement from teaching, Ginger began  looking for opportunities to share her enthusiasm for the arts and now  thinks she has found the perfect fit in being a member of the Holladay  Arts Council.


Council Members

Jennifer Clark

Jeffrey Conrad (JC)

Jeffrey Conrad (JC)


     Jennifer was raised with an appreciation for classical music and the  performing arts. Her mother was a piano teacher and accompanist and  their home was always filled with music.

    Her husband Herald  comes from a family of artists and art collectors, expanding her  interest into fine art. She graduated with a B.A. in Art History from  the University of Utah with an emphasis on early American and Utah art.

     Currently, she works as a presenter for the National Energy  Foundation. She enjoys playing music with her husband and children,  skiing, boating, cycling and traveling. The Clark family moved to their  home in Holladay in 1998. Jennifer is excited to be involved with the  Holladay Arts Council and is grateful for this unique opportunity to  serve in her community.

Jeffrey Conrad (JC)

Jeffrey Conrad (JC)

Jeffrey Conrad (JC)


     JC moved to Holladay from Akron, Ohio with his amazing wife and two kids to pursue his career as a creative.
    He’s held a couple of cool jobs that’s allowed him to illustrate, write and design for products, games and movies.
    He currently owns a creative branding agency called Peeko and a publishing company called Oople Made. 

Jon Jensen

Jeffrey Conrad (JC)

Chris Knapus


    Jon is a native of northern Utah, and was born into an energetic and artistic family. Inspired by his mother’s paintings and his father’s photography, he began painting as a child. He was fascinated by the natural world around him, and did everything he could to explore it. His life-long love of plants and flowers developed into work in gardens, greenhouses and landscaping. 

     Jon took a break from painting in order to complete other studies and begin a successful career as a software developer and IT professional. A college art class reawakened his creative passion, and he began painting again. 

     He began with a series of abstracts, and while showing them in a local gallery stroll, he met teacher and mentor Sydney Bowman. With her guidance, Jon began to study art in earnest, beginning with the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and portraiture. He expanded his experience using a variety of new mediums and subjects. Building on his rapidly widening skills, he achieved new focus and realism in his paintings. After mastering realism, Jon began to explore other styles. His painting styles include realism, impressionism, and abstract works. 

     When Jon isn't painting he enjoys spending time with his family, running, gardening, and traveling.

Chris Knapus

Michaeljon Kudlik

Chris Knapus


      Chris  and wife Leslie both were raised in neighboring East Millcreek. They  decided to raise their family in Holladay, moving into their current  home in 1987. The Knaphus’ have four Adult children (all currently  living in the Holladay area).      The Grandson of a prominent Utah  Artist/Sculptor, Chris has always appreciated art. As a frequent  business traveler, he takes the opportunity visit galleries, museums,  concert halls, and performing art productions around the world.       

     Chris is Vice President of Knaphus Exterior Panel Co., a specialty  construction company that designs, procures, and installs natural stonework for large commercial buildings.       As a member of the Council, he hopes to bring some of his business  and organizational skills to add strength to an already impressive  organization. He is excited to assist in the planning and preparation of  the many community events provided by the Holladay Arts Council.   

Michaeljon Kudlik

Michaeljon Kudlik

Michaeljon Kudlik


     Michaeljohn  and his wife Barbara have been residents of Holladay for over thirty  years. Michaeljohn born and raised in New York City, Barbara a Salt Lake  native have raised their four children in Holladay. Michaeljohn began  his career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, received a BA  degree from Texas A&M and is a Certified Financial Planner. His  career has always involved rendering investment advice. Michaeljohn is a  licensed securities representative, licensed real estate and insurance  agent.
    In  the late eighties when the stock market tanked, Michaeljohn began  developing an interest in Native American Art. He currently has a  collection in his southern Utah home. In addition, Michaeljohn is  passionate about music.      As a council member Michaeljohn hopes to  bring more community awareness to the already successful arts council  and help attract more sponsors so the council can give more scholarships  and grants along with increasing more music and art activities for the  Holladay City and surrounding area residents.

Lisa O'Bryan

Michaeljon Kudlik

Michaeljon Kudlik


     Born  and raised in Salt Lake City, Lisa has lived in the Holladay area since  1994. She graduated from Granite High School and attended the  University of Utah before becoming a co-owner and operator of several  restaurants in Salt Lake City. She has also worked as Director of Sales  and Marketing for hotel corporations.

     She  currently owns and operates a full-service real estate brokerage “Salt  Lake City Realty” while raising her family, in the Holladay area she  loves so much.   

Lisa has served on  numerous boards and committees throughout her life. Actively involved  with the Salt Lake Board of Realtors, Granite School District, and her  community.  

     Although not an artist, Lisa enjoys all aspect  of the arts, music, dance, theater, and visual arts. Lisa's philosophy  is that volunteering makes a difference in individual lives and in the  community as a whole.

     When Lisa is not working you will find her with her husband and their two children camping, boating and enjoying Utah’s great outdoors.

Zoe Rodriguez

Zoe Rodriguez

Zoe Rodriguez

EX-Officio Member

Doug Roy

Zoe Rodriguez

Zoe Rodriguez


Ex-Officio Member

Steve Gunn

Zoe Rodriguez

Paul Fotheringham


City Council Liaison

     Steve Gunn has resided in Holladay with his wife, Ginger, since 1993.   They have four adult children. 

     Steve was raised in East Millcreek and  attended Olympus High School followed by the University of Utah.  He  practiced law in Salt Lake City until his retirement in August 2011.  

     During thirty-six of his thirty-eight years of practice he was  associated with the law firm of Ray Quinney & Nebeker.   During the  decade 1989 to 1999 he served as a part-time instructor at the BYU Law  School.  He has also served on the Alumni and the Emeritus Alumni Boards  of the University of Utah.  

Paul Fotheringham

Paul Fotheringham

Paul Fotheringham


 City Council Liaison
     Paul Fotheringham has been a resident of Holladay for 20+ years. He grew up just next door to Holladay in the Millcreek area, graduated from Olympus High back in the glory days, and subsequently graduated from the U with a BA in Accounting.
    Steve's day job is wearing multiple hats running the day to day operations of a small local business - the Sports Mall.  I am very grateful to Sports Mall owners who have given their "thumbs up" to my campaign.      

     Fotheringham serves as Holladay's representative on Salt Lake County's Community & Economic Development Advisory Council (CEDAC). This council reviews Community Development Block (CDBG) grant requests of Federal HUD money, and makes funding recommendations to the council of Mayors in our "Urban County" funding area.

Beckie Rock

Paul Fotheringham

Beckie Rock


       Love of the arts is genetic for Beckie. Her mother taught art in  the  Granite School Continuing Education  Program and her sister, Bonnie  Posselli, is a professional, working artist.

      Her roots run deep  in Holladay, She lives on third-generation  property and has a great  desire to see that Holladay keeps the intimate  community atmosphere,  that drew her family here, while the city  continues to grow.

      In  addition to Holladay Arts.org and several artists' websites,  Beckie also  maintains art groups' websites which include the Plain Air  Painters of  Utah, and Plein Air Utah.

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